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Welcome to the Grease Control Equipment Plans Review for Food Service Establishmnts for Clarksville, Tennessee. Here you will be able to submit the application for your food service establishment and check on the status of applications that you have already submitted.

Before you login to start the plans review process, please make sure you have the following information so you can complete the grease control equipment plans review application:

  1. Food Service Establishment Physical Address
  2. Contact person information
  3. Property owner name, address, and telephone number
  4. Days and hours of operation
  5. Seating capacity
  6. Employees
  7. Type of food served (menu copy)
  8. Kitchen fixture units and sizes (e.g. pre-rinse sink, dishmachine, 3 compartment sink, 4 floor drains, etc...)
  9. Type and Size or capacity of grease control equipment proposed to be installed
  10. Grease Control Equipment Specifications and details
  11. Kitchen plumbing plans

If you're ready, let's begin by creating an account. Once you create an account, you will be able to save progress on your application in case you aren't able to finish it now. If you have already created an account and would like to check on the status of your application or if you would like to create a new application, just click I have already created an account and login.